• The opportunity to work ON your practice, guided by expert consultants, at an affordable price. The structured program is designed to allow you to implement change and help you transform your practice.

  • Accountability and Independent Advice. We recognise that a commitment to the program is significant – but one of the challenges for professionals is to find the time to work on their practice, rather than dealing with the day to day demands of their clients. The program allows you to focus on practice improvements in a structured and consistent way,

  • Small group workshops in a face-to-face environment provide the opportunity to share experience with and learn from other participants.

  • Leaders who are recognised experts, but who have walked the walk – and can ensure you avoid the traps and pitfalls of transitioning to a different pricing model.

  • In each module you will receive practical take-home worksheets, templates, checklists and other tools to enable you to implement the focus of that module.

  • CPD Units – you will be able to claim CPD Units in the areas of Practice Management and Business Skills, Ethics and Professional Responsibility, and Professional Skills.