• Transforming "traditional" firms through the process of abandoning time based billing & timesheets

  • Advising & assisting professional firms on pricing transformation

  • Helping corporate and government clients become informed purchasers.

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John Chisholm

With more than 25 years’ experience as a leader in professional firms, I established my own consultancy in 2005 to share my expertise and experience with firms looking to move beyond the traditional firm model.

This has seen me become a leading advocate for professional firms to become "firms of the future" by:
1. finding or rediscovering their purpose,
2. moving away from pricing their services solely by time
3. stop using ineffective performance management ‘tactics’, and
4. implement alternatives to the partnership model.

For those firms willing to do so, the result is a knowledge firm rather than merely a product or service firm. Such firms tend to have far happier clients and employees than traditional firms - as well as a pricing strategy that is no longer limited by people or hours.


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David Wells

As Managing Partner of Moores Legal, David led the firm's transformation to a value pricing practice, implementing Moores Agreed Pricing (MAP) - negotiating an up front fee with clients.

MAP is not simply a new pricing model. It represents a whole new business model.

This transformation involved renewing or replacing several key systems including Knowledge Management, Performance Management, Project Management and Business Development as well as budgets and reports.

Beware! Ditching hourly rates and time recording will necessitate that.

There is always risk associated with significant change. Sometimes there are risks that you can't afford not to take. For the outstanding team at Moores with a vision for the goal of long term relationships with clients who are the right fit, this was one such risk.


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Liz Harris

With almost 30 years’ experience in reviewing how law firms conduct legal work, Liz has unique insights in how law firms and their clients can work together to get real value from their relationship.

Solution focused, pragmatic and respectful of her client's knowledge, Liz understands the importance of listening to and learning from her clients. Approachable and consultative in her approach, she makes clear recommendations based on her experience; with a focus on finding a commercial solution which maximises return on investment and aligns with her client’s business objectives.

Some of Liz’ previous significant successes have involved supporting a large law firm in the designing and implementation of legal project management processes which resulted in the firm winning major work; acting as an expert witness in high profile litigation ; and developing a comprehensive roadmap to streamline legal requirements of a large corporation.