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Innovim Group’s Directors John Chisholm, Liz Harris & David Wells regularly speak at professional services industry events and conferences, throughout Australia and globally.

Some of our recent appearances include:

  • Katchr Connect (UK) (2019) - “Selling Legal Services”

  • Centre for Legal Innovation (2019) - “Innovation in Legal Pricing”

  • 12th Managing Partners Forum - “Innovative Pricing Strategies”

  • Law Institute of Victoria Practice Management Program (2018/19 ongoing) - “The Client Experience”

  • Law Council of Australia Family Law Conference (2019) - “Pricing Innovation”

  • IMF Bentham Conference (2018) - “Cost Management in Class Actions”

  • 6th Managing Partners Forum (2018)

  • Association of Legal Administrators (USA) (2018) - “Going Timeless”

  • ALPMA (New Zealand) (2018) - “Pricing Masterclass”

  • Queensland Law Society Symposium (2018) - “The Value Conversation”