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RMIT Entrepreneurship Week - Legally Yours NewLaw Symposium

RMIT Entrepreneuship Week 26-30 August is a week long initiative celebrating the entrepreneurial mindset. A collaboration between RMIT Activator, Careers and Employability and RMIT Entrepreneurship Start-Up Assocation (RESA).

When you scratch the surface of traditional law, beneath you will find a vibrant, thriving community of innovators and collaborators creating a lasting and defining change on the legal industry in Australia. New ways of legal service delivery, new legal tech, and new ways of practicing law, have culminated in a community of lawyers and legal professionals coming together to create a New Law Movement within the Australian Legal sector.

RMIT in conjunction with Legally Yours at Clarence Workplaces for Professionals present the New Law Symposium where we shine a light on NewLaw with some of the brightest and best minds in the industry.


Demetrio Zema, Founder, Director and Problem Solver at Law Squared

Aaron Lane, Law Lecturer, RMIT Graduate School of Business and Law

Liz Harris, Value Conversationalist, Transformer of Professional Services, Board Member the LSBC, Director of Innovim, and Principal of Harris Cost Law

Peter Moran, Business Law Specialist, Co-Chair of the Law & Tech Committee at the LIV, Editorial Board Member for the Internet Law Bulletin, LawTech Founder, and Principal of Peer Legal

Moderator and Keynote Speaker: Karen Finch, Legal Relationship Connector, Legal Community Interpreter, ALTA Board Member and CEO of Legally Yours