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Thriving in an era of disruption…

In an era of AI, alternative service providers, and increasingly informed clients, the successful Professional is clear on what they do, why they do it and who they do it for.  They have a targeted focus, which enables them to stand out from the crowd, and be seen as the firm of choice for their clients.

They understand that not every client is a good fit for them, and are not afraid to say "no".  They value the clients they work with and they are leaders in their fields because they have clarity of focus and their strategy flows naturally from that clear focus.

In turn their clients see them as the first port of call - the true "Trusted Advisor" and understand the value they deliver.

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Innovim helps professional firms develop clarity of their niche, their services and their strategy, resulting in more satisfying work and greater success with offerings. 

Programs are tailored to the individual firm but can include:

Re-thinking the Professional Firm for the 21st Century

In order to thrive in the 21st Century, a Professional Firm must look different in many ways - structure, compensation, staff engagement, service delivery, service options and pricing.  We help you work through the steps required to achieve these changes.  

Your Who, Your Why

We work with you to develop clarity of Your "Why" and Your "Who", which enables you to deliver profitable work, to clients who value your services.

Design Thinking for Innovative Service Delivery

Part of what a client sees as value is their experience in the delivery of the professional services. The most successful professionals look at how their relationship with the customer fits into the hundreds of other interactions and thoughts the customer has each day.

We utilise design thinking principles to help you look at new and innovative ways of delivering your services - aligned with what clients want, and the ways that clients want to work with their professional advisors.




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