What is the Aligned Pricing Program?

The interactive program utilises case-study based learning supported by practical roadmaps. It is delivered by Innovim Group's directors Liz Harris, John Chisholm and David Wells - as well as guest presenters. 

The program involves monthly half day workshops, self-paced implementation of practical activities and some pre-reading. 

Each workshop will include a review of the implementation of the previous month’s activities, a presentation by an expert on that month’s module topic, and activities relevant to the module and discussion and review of the practicalities of implementing the module’s strategies and processes.

By limiting the number of participants to 15, the program is designed to enable participants to tailor it to their own firm, focusing on those issues which are of most relevance to them. 

The four program modules are:

  1. Pricing, Positioning and Value - The importance of pricing, the philosophy of Aligned Pricing, and how positioning your practice and pricing interact

  2.  What is Value? - Understanding your client’s perception of value, different buyer types and how positioning impacts Value

  3. The Value Conversation - Identifying the components of value, the psychology of purchasing and how it impacts communicating value

  4. Developing the Price and Proposal - Scoping, the power of options, the psychology of the proposal, the pricing discussion and price objections

Key outcomes

You will walk away with practical skills including:

  • understanding, capturing and confidently communicating the value you create, 

  • pricing value in a way that aligns with the value created, your client's expectations and your brand,

  • different pricing strategies, and an understanding of the drivers of pricing and purchasing decisions, and the psychological aspects of pricing and purchasing decisions,

workshop dates

Workshop’s will be held on the following dates:

  • Module 1 14 August 2019

  • Module 2 11 September 2019

  • Module 3 9 October 2019

  • Module 4 4 December 2019

Each workshop will run from 8:00am to 12 noon.

Location: Moores Lawyers Level 1 5 Burwood Road Hawthorn Vic