Aligned Pricing Program

Is your firm Future Proof?

Knowledge firms are facing an era of disruption – informed clients, service automation, changing business models, new types of competitors.

They need to evolve in order to remain competitive. By aligning your brand, your value creation, your client’s expectations and your pricing your firm can thrive.

But change is challenging – it’s easy to keep the status quo, or spend your time dealing with the gnats, whirlwinds and spot fires that make up daily life.  The challenge is finding the time and discipline to focus on the important but not urgent - working on your business, rather than in the business.

The Aligned Pricing Program helps firm leaders implement change in a structured manner, by focusing on a particular area of practice development each month.

The small group workshops provide the knowledge, skills and tools, to enable attendees to implement the strategies and processes of each aspect of the program in their own practices.  Previous programs have shown that the sharing by the various professionals in the group of insights and experiences, provides both support and  the impetus to take action.

This practical hands on program is designed by professionals for professionals. Professionals who have been there and done that. By drawing on our personal experiences of transforming firms - what works well, what doesn't and where things go wrong - we guide participants through the maze of change and provide participants with the skills to smoothly transition to an aligned pricing strategy, thereby reducing the risks associated with change.


The program involves monthly half day workshops, and self-paced implementation of practical activities.  It utilises case-study based learning supported by practical roadmaps and is delivered by Innovim Group's directors Liz Harris, John Chisholm and David Wells - as well as guest presenters. 

The four program modules are:

1.    Pricing, Positioning and Value - The importance of pricing, the philosophy of Aligned Pricing, and how positioning your practice and pricing interact

2.    What is Value? - Understanding your client’s perception of value, different buyer types and how positioning impacts Value

3.    The Value Conversation - Identifying the components of value, the psychology of purchasing and how it impacts communicating value

4.    Developing the Price and Proposal - Scoping, the power of options, the psychology of the proposal, the pricing discussion and price objections


It is suitable for any professional who genuinely seeks a better, more effective and more sustainable way of practising their craft that not only benefits them but also their team members and their clients.  Previous programs attendees have included accountants, lawyers, and business development managers, from both large and small firms, long established practices and start-ups.

Registration and pricing

The next Aligned Pricing Program will commence in early 2020. Further details coming soon