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Pricing to Thrive...

Successful pricing transformation involves much more than setting a "fixed fee".  It requires an understanding of what clients perceive as value, adopting a creative approach to pricing options, a focus on magic versus logic work, expertise in pricing negotiations, and more.

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Innovim works with professional firms to transform their pricing to capture the value they create for their clients, and through this create long term trusted relationships, which deliver profits to both the firm and the client.

These programs are tailored to the needs of the firm with examples being

  • pricing consultancy retainers

  • focused consultancy assisting practice groups to transform their pricing

  • consulting on RFPs and tenders

  • supporting individual practitioners in the value conversation, scoping and developing pricing options

  • utilising design thinking to review how practice groups scope, manage and deliver work to maximise profitability




Introduction to pricing for value

Understanding the fundamentals and philosophy behind pricing for value.

The value proposition – moving from inputs to outcomes

Changing the focus to the value the client obtains - how to understand, articulate, capture and deliver that value

The value discussion and the impact of pricing options

How to have the value discussion with the client, including developing pricing options 

Pricing Conversations

Understanding the psychology of pricing, how to discuss price, the ins and outs of pricing negotiations

Process Improvement for value delivery

How to maximise value to the client and profitability to the firm through process improvement

Legal Project Management and Pricing

How Legal Project Management is fundamental to transforming pricing, and where to start with implementation

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